Nuclear energy economics: an update to fact finding nuclear energy: Over de hoge kosten van de bouw van kerncentrales in het westen

Authors: Gamboa Palacios, S. Jansen, J.C.

In 2007, the ECN report Fact Finding Nuclear Energy was commissioned by the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) to answer the question whether more nuclear energy should be generated to support the objective of realizing a cost effective CO2-neutral energy system in the Netherlands. In the study, facts and data on nuclear energy were collected on the basis of existing insights and literature. The present report has been written to update the economics aspects of nuclear energy of the Fact Finding Nuclear Energy 2007 report of ECN using recent data. Non-economic aspects are not considered.

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Author(s) Gamboa Palacios, S. Jansen, J.C.
Published by ECN part of TNO
Report number TNO 2018 P11577
Document type Report
Number of pages 13
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