Waterstof – Essentieel element voor de energietransitie en een duurzame energie- en grondstoffenvoorziening

Auteur(s): Weeda, M.
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2018-05-17 Presentatie waterstof - Lunchcolloquium ES_v2 (Laatst aangepast op: 2018-11-27 13:04:09)

A lot of parties have been approaching the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate about hydrogen. The question from the Ministry was what could hydrogen mean for the energy transition?
Purpose of the roadmap:
• Sketch the potential role of hydrogen in a sustainable energy system in 2050
• Map actions, initiatives, projects, actors in the Netherlands
• Identify promising next steps and actions to be able to capitalize on the opportunities and potential of hydrogen

Process: interviews, workshops, reports and literature and analysis

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Author(s) Weeda, M.
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