LOCOSTO: Low cost storage of heat

Auteur(s): Boer, R. de
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Thermal Energy Storage (TES) can help industrial processes to achieve higher energy efficiency by re-using otherwise wasted heat. The LOCOSTO project aims to develop solutions for industrial TES applications in the temperature range of 100-250°C that are both technically and economically attractive. Potential applications for TES are analysed both on their technical requirements and their economic feasibility. A calculation tool is developed to assist in the techno-economic feasibility studies. Materials research was done to identify and characterize novel phase change materials (PCM) that are attractive for TES due to their high storage capacity and constant temperature level.
Two lab-scale test setups for PCM thermal storage were developed together with a dynamic thermal modelling tool. Experimental thermal storage performance and model predictions were compared, showing a good agreement. The thermal model is a flexible tool to support the optimization of thermal design of full scale TES systems.
Further research and development is recommended to improve the material stability of the PCM’s and to put more effort in case studied to identify applications with additional (non-energetic) benefits to strengthen the business-case for industrial TES.

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Author(s) Boer, R. de
Published by ECN
Report number ECN-E--17-029
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