Het voorkomen van energiearmoede: De winnaars en verliezers van de energietransitie – Verkenning van problemen, visies en oplossingen

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The energy transition does not naturally turn out positive for everyone. In order to create more clarity about the positive and negative consequences of certain (policy) choices, this report discusses a number of themes on which energy inequality can occur, and how this can possibly be prevented. It is an overview study that wants to put the topic on the agenda and thus contribute to new discussions at all levels of government. This study builds on a previously published essay series that focuses on three forms of energy justice (distributive, procedural and recognition). In this study, experts were interviewed about these essay themes. They have outlined possible winners and losers and future scenarios. This resulted in a selection of three themes that have been further explored. These themes and associated scenarios are then used in expert workshops to identify which problems arise from this and which solutions can be found. Finally, we discuss how these solutions can be fitted at local level.

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Author(s) Straver, K. Kooger, R. Hulshof, M. Wesselink, B. Fijn van Draat, A.G. Polen, S. van
Published by ECN Policy Studies
Report number ECN-E--18-013
Document type ECN publication
Number of pages 70
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