WINDSPEED D 6.1. Scenarios for offshore wind including spatial interactions and grid issues

Authors: Cameron, L.R. Stralen, J. van Veum, K.C.
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The WINDSPEED project assesses the potential for further development of offshore wind energy (OWE) in the Central and Southern North Sea. The overall objective of the project, which is funded under the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) programme, is to develop a 2020-2030 roadmap for the deployment of OWE in this region of the North Sea as bounded by Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom. This report presents the results from the scenario analysis – carried out under task 6.1 in Work Package 6 – which are a key input to the Roadmap.

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Author(s) Cameron, L.R. Stralen, J. van Veum, K.C.
Published by ECN Policy Studies
Report number ECN-O--11-066
Document type Deliverable
Number of pages 145
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