Pathways to industrial decarbonisation in the Netherlands: paper & board and steam cracking

Authors: Oliveira Machado dos Santos, C. Moncada Botero, J. West, K. Apeldoorn, T.
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This report is a result of the MIDDEN+ project, a pilot project held in 2020 that was undertaken as an exploration of the possibilities for future developments of the MIDDEN database. The project sought to address gaps in the existing data, and areas where additional data collection and research might improve the usefulness or flexibility of the datasets, and then demonstrate the potential for analysis using the datasets. This research project has extended the MIDDEN database to better cover disruptive technologies, combinations of emissions reduction options, uncertainties related to techno-economic data and future technology cost. Two sectors – paper and board and steam cracking – were chosen for this exploratory work. Additional technologies such as air-laid and microwave drying for the paper and board sector and electrical compressors and upgraded tall oil as feedstock for the steam cracking sector were part of the analysis. Beyond the uncertainties in the techno-economic data in our dataset, we have also highlighted system issues beyond the plant fence that affect the prospects for different decarbonisation pathways and technologies. Energy prices, low-carbon energy availability, and electricity grid emissions intensity can be deciding factors in the future roles of these decarbonisation options. The MIDDEN+ project and this report aim to provide additional substance and nuance to the available techno-economic data on the Dutch industrial sector, expanding and improving the MIDDEN database and indicating areas for future work.

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Author(s) Oliveira Machado dos Santos, C. Moncada Botero, J. West, K. Apeldoorn, T.
Published by TNO
Report number TNO 2020 P11732
Document type Report
Number of pages 77
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