Fitness Framework for assessing NDC ambition. Analysing the likelihood that ambition will lead to action

Authors: Tilburg, X. van Donker, J. Rawlins, J. Röser, F.
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    The Fitness Framework presented here is a tool with the potential to add value over existing approaches to assessing climate ambition and action, by explicitly taking stakeholders and their behaviour into account, and building on that to explain why change is more or less likely to happen (this likelihood is what we call ‘fitness’). It aims to provide a structure for analysing the political economy of ambition raising, using concepts familiar to climate and development experts. This is a work in progress.

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    Author(s) Tilburg, X. van Donker, J. Rawlins, J. Röser, F.
    Published byTNO
    Report numberTNO 2019 P12198
    Document typeReport
    Number of pages15
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