Energy Efficiency Directive Artikel 7. The Netherlands

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ECN-E--13-061 (Last update: 2018-11-21 13:34:18)

Article 7 of the recently adopted Energy Efficiency Directive obliges the EU member states to achieve 1.5% yearly efficiency improvements during the period 2014-2020, culminating in a cumulative savings target. ECN has written a report for the ministry of Economic affairs on both the calculation of the target and the contribution of Dutch policies to meeting the target. This report describes the way the Netherlands intends to meet the article 7 obligations, as requested by the European Commission. The EED offers the member states various degrees of freedom with regard to the definition of the target and the way it is met. Hence, this report addresses the choices of the Netherlands and their consequences for the Dutch target and the realised energy savings. A broad-lined description of the choices and overall results is complemented by extensive annexes that offer technical descriptions and detailed numbers.

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Author(s) Daniëls, B.W. Gerdes, J. Boonekamp, P.G.M. Kroon, P. Mulder, K. Stutvoet - Tigchelaar, C. Wetzels, W.
Published by ECN Policy Studies
Report number ECN-E--13-061
Document type ECN publication
Number of pages 56
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