Consumer carbon-offsetting schemes in the aviation sector

Authors: Usmani, O.
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This document consists of a quick overview of some existing consumer compensation schemes offered by the aviation industry. It includes (if the information was available) a description of how the scheme works, an overview of the project types the scheme proposes, information about the scope/size of the scheme, data about costs, and potential issues. Note that we focused on the schemes offered by airlines (note that EasyJet does not seem to have a consumer offset scheme), as these are the most likely to be used by passengers, since they are integrated in the ticket purchasing process. Schemes outside the ones proposed by airlines have additional burdens for uptake: They need to be known, and they need an extra effort. These schemes are briefly discussed at the end of this report.

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Author(s) Usmani, O.
Published by TNO
Report number TNO 2020 M12343
Document type Report
Number of pages 8
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