Power Transformer MV-LV

Authors: Hernandez Serna, R.
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Power Transformer - MV-LV (Last update: 2021-02-04 11:26:33)

MV (medium voltage)/LV (low voltage) transformers reduce/increase voltage between MV and LV networks. A transformer is an electrical machine that, based on the principles of electromagnetic induction, transfers energy from one electrical circuit to another, without changing the frequency. During the transfer, the voltage and current change. A transformer increases or decreases the alternating current when necessary. Also, transformers are used for voltage control and load balancing (star-delta configuration).

MV/LV transformers are used to convert electrical energy of higher voltage, usually up to 36 kV, to a lower voltage, usually 250 up to 435V [7]. Application of these transformers is mainly within suburban areas, public supply authorities and industrial customers. Closer to consumers, the voltage reduction is in place since operating at lower voltages requires less clearance, and it is inherently safer.