Power Transformer HV-MV

Authors: Hernandez Serna, R.
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Power Transformer - HV-MV (Last update: 2021-02-04 11:57:34)

The main purpose of power transformers is to couple networks that operate at different voltage levels. Power transformers reduce/increase voltage, located between HV (high voltage) and MV (medium voltage) networks and MV and LV levels. Carrying electricity at higher voltages allows large amounts of power transportation with lower loss.

A transformer is an electrical machine that, based on the principles of electromagnetic induction, transfers energy from one electrical circuit to another, without changing the frequency. During the transfer, the voltage and current change. A transformer increases or decreases the alternating current when necessary. Transformers are highly customizable and can be attached with cooling systems, that use panel radiators, fans, oil pumps and coolers.

These machines help improve the safety and efficiency of energy systems during their distribution and regulation over long distances.