Easily accessible fact-based information 

Energy professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders need factual information on the energy transition and insights into energy transition themes. These facts and insights are described in (scientific) research reports and are often difficult to access for this target group.

Energy.nl is a portal for the professionals who will realize the energy transition over time. On energy.nl, professionals can find the information they need in an easily accessible way, in order to make informed decisions.

Technology data transparency

Analysis of the energy transition are performed with different modelling tools and data input (e.g. technology costs, technology potentials), which leads to different results. TNO has access to a considerable amount of technology data, either in-house or through collaboration with data providers. This data is also used by PBL, for example, for the annual Climate and Energy Survey (KEV) and the Dutch stimulation of sustainable energy production scheme, the SDE+. By publishing the technology data on energy.nl, we create transparency and we also give other parties the opportunity to use this data as well as to give us feedback on this data.

An initiative of TNO

TNO Energy Transition is the initiator of energy.nl. TNO considers energy.nl as a tool for transfer and valorization of knowledge on the energy transition.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via info@energy.nl.

Energy.nl is work in progress

Energy.nl is a portal in development. The content of the website will be further expanded and regularly updated. Continue to visit the website regularly and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.